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The writer's hand trembled as it held his pen. He'd been called to act—to make something meaningful. His task was daunting, and he'd let rust take over his mind. Still, silence was no longer an option. He steadied his hand with the other and made his first mark on the page.

Latest Confession

Thomas ruminates on the pleasures and woes of having company. It can be bliss. And, it can be sorrow.

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Traditional gender roles in a romance story? Sounds... like it's missing something...

Hello From the Front

*This story was inspired by the artwork, “Hello from the front” by Art Right.





Of all the pictures I have of Colin and Sam, I look at this one the most—not because of some deranged need to keep myself mourning for the end, or because of a kind of misplaced guilt over their deaths—but because this one shows us in the full light of what we were meant to be. Read More »

With Extreme Prejudice

*This story was inspired by the song, “With Extreme Prejudice” by Eternal Reich.





We all sway a little as the IMV hits a crack in the road. The men around me have their heads down, probably gearing themselves up for the mission. Red light reflects off of the visors of their helmets.


Not a word is uttered. None need be. There’s nothing but determination in the back of this battle bus. Every one of us know what needs to be done. Read More »

Neon Tears

*This story was inspired by the song, “Neon Tears” by Vanguard.





Tonight’s tears will be my last.


More hours than I can count, I’ve spent crying—weeping—for the loss of beauty around us. Read More »

The Muse of Europa


In my chamber, as frost melted in th’early morn’,
My soul stirred to songs inspiring.
Visions of hands raised as shields for a dying land
Spurred my heart to sad admiring.


Then, my room glimmered with radiant luminance,
The source taking a maiden’s frame.
As light dimmed to soft glow, her features soon emerged,
Though never reached their aim.


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Stuck Passing Through – Episode 6 – Much Too Soon

Read the first episode here.


Chapter 26 – Carter Townes


“Feel like talking yet, Sergeant?”


The accent was perfect. This fucker had been educated in America—maybe even born there. Figured. Use the resources America provides and then turn around to use them against America.

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Stuck Passing Through – Episode 5 – Neighbors

Read the first episode here.


Chapter 21 – Hadley Holbrook


“They’ll never accept you, Hadley. They’ll all turn their back on you.” The mean girl laughed as the Empty People surrounded Hadley.


“Leave me alone!” Hadley fell to the ground, brought her knees up to her chest, and wrapped her arms around them.


“Come out to the fog.”
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Campfire in Old Wellwich – Episode 01 – James’ Last Moments

In the first episode of Campfire in Old Wellwich, Patrick Walters tells about the tradition of the campfire and explains the recent encounter James McAllister had with The Orphans and The Caregivers.


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Stuck Passing Through – Episode 4 – Q&A

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Chapter 16 – Rachel Holbrook


Rachel let the water of the shower beat down on her as she tried to clear her mind for a moment of all the stress that had been building up. She hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before. Everything that had happened since she’d woken up on the bus played over and over in her head and plagued her with confusion, worry, fear, and—worst of all—guilt. Read More »

Stuck Passing Through – Episode 3 – Resolve

Read the first episode here.


Chapter 11 – Michael Hamman


Michael stood by and watched as the McCormicks blocked the woman who had just lost her husband from exiting the diner. He had tried to put a hand on her shoulder once he had gotten to his feet and Nathan was being carried away. Read More »

Stuck Passing Through – Episode 2 – The Empty People

Read the first episode here.

Chapter 6 – Rachel Holbrook


They couldn’t be real. None of this could be real. This was all just some sick, prolonged nightmare, and she just needed to wake her ass up.


“Wake up, Rachel. Wake up,” she whispered.

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