The Motley Drama
An Alternative Fiction Platform


Hello, and welcome to The Motley Drama!


Here you will find stories. They can be web fiction, comics, audio dramas, etc. Whatever medium fits the story best, that’s what will be used. The fiction here will be presented in a “seasonal” format. What that means is, basically, every series will run for a “season” just like your favorite TV shows do.


The site is called The Motley Drama, which is taken from a poem by Edgar Allan Poe. Motley means varied, so expect the stories to span a variety of genres. It all depends on what the writer likes.


For now, the only writer (or anything) is Motley. So, let’s see what he has to say.


P.S. I know that’s weird because I’m the only person working on this project at the moment, so I’m basically just passing the mic over to myself, but… it’ll make sense one day.


kef-gaeng-avatarMy name is Motley. I like writing in a couple genres—horror, noir, gothic, etc. Basically, all of the dark stuff. I will try out some other genres like comedy and romance, but I’ll be sure to put my macabre twist in them. I like writing in these dark genres because I believe they have a way of going deeper into the recesses of our minds than any others. I love spending my time there, on the Plutonian shore, and I hope my readers will join me in questioning their own sanity.





All of the material here is free to read, watch, listen to, etc., but may not be reproduced without consent from the creator.


Enjoy your stay!


*Many of the stories here deal with dark subject matter, and may not be suitable for all ages.