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Hello From the Front

*This story was inspired by the artwork, “Hello from the front” by Art Right.





Of all the pictures I have of Colin and Sam, I look at this one the most—not because of some deranged need to keep myself mourning for the end, or because of a kind of misplaced guilt over their deaths—but because this one shows us in the full light of what we were meant to be. Read More »

With Extreme Prejudice

*This story was inspired by the song, “With Extreme Prejudice” by Eternal Reich.





We all sway a little as the IMV hits a crack in the road. The men around me have their heads down, probably gearing themselves up for the mission. Red light reflects off of the visors of their helmets.


Not a word is uttered. None need be. There’s nothing but determination in the back of this battle bus. Every one of us know what needs to be done. Read More »

Neon Tears

*This story was inspired by the song, “Neon Tears” by Vanguard.





Tonight’s tears will be my last.


More hours than I can count, I’ve spent crying—weeping—for the loss of beauty around us. Read More »