*This story was inspired by the song, “Neon Tears” by Vanguard.





Tonight’s tears will be my last.


More hours than I can count, I’ve spent crying—weeping—for the loss of beauty around us.


I look outside my window at the endless lights and screens of our city, and I see nothing but the celebration of mediocrity and degeneracy. So many hi-definition colors and sounds… yet none of it can rightfully be called radiant, exquisite, or glorious. Our art has been traded for trash.


The nameless faces walk around like drones who have willfully forgotten elegance. They stop at some of the displays and clap. They praise these wretched spectacles using words I can hardly understand anymore. And so, the saline flows further down my face.


But, more hours than I can count, I’ve spent working—toiling—on my own display. I haven’t given up hope, and I’ve finished what I know in my bones I was made to make. All of the pieces are in place. Tomorrow, I will present this digital inferno with something beautiful. I will give those nameless faces a taste of the sublime. I will awaken in them the desire for true meaning. I will make them feel again.


Tomorrow, I will step onto the stage.


And tomorrow night, I will shed no more neon tears.









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