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Latest Opening

The writer's hand trembled as it held his pen. He'd been called to act—to make something meaningful. His task was daunting, and he'd let rust take over his mind. Still, silence was no longer an option. He steadied his hand with the other and made his first mark on the page.

Latest Confession

Thomas ruminates on the pleasures and woes of having company. It can be bliss. And, it can be sorrow.

Latest Discard

Traditional gender roles in a romance story? Sounds... like it's missing something...

The Future TMD Podcast

Ok, so I would absolutely love to have a podcast one day. I’ve always wanted to do one, but there’s some things preventing me from doing it. I know: I’m a master of making things more complicated than they have to be. Read More »

Writer’s Journal – Motley – 11/02/16

Hello, everyone. Motley here. Welcome to my first Writer’s Journal.


My goal with this journal is to explain things that are going on with the site, the projects, and any other news related to The Motley Drama.


I also hope that readers of the site might get a better look at my personality through this journal. I’m not really sure why they would want to, but I guess some people like that sort of thing. Read More »

Stuck Passing Through – Episode 1 – The Midhaven Motel

Chapter 1 – Rachel Holbrook


Fog. Nothing but thick fog all around her. She ran in every direction but couldn’t find her way out. The dirt beneath her muted her steps and sprayed out when she finally slid to a stop. There had to be something—anything—in this grey wasteland. Read More »