Welcome to the Story Discards, ideas for stories that seem great, but turn out not to be. Feel free to use these ideas for your own. Just be warned: there’s a reason they’ve been discarded.

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Story Discard #1

Wanted to write about a serial killer who is mysteriously transported to a land where everything is made of candy and the candy people cannot die, but didn’t think people would “get it.”

Like, really get it.


Story Discard #2

Thought about a character who lives in a world of super heroes and his only power is the ability to heal any wound with his tongue.

But then I realized I’m not a 90’s porno writer.


Story Discard #3

Was going to write a historical fiction set in Post-Revolutionary America wherein the main character, an upper-class noble who represents the age of Enlightenment coming to an end, befriends a lower-class worker, who represents the new age of Romanticism. The two would explore the intricacies of the old meeting the new and how it all relates to the human condition. Soon, the realization of the massive amount of research required for such an undertaking hit me.

So I thought, “Fuck that shit!”


Story Discard #4

Had an idea to make a couple of comic book series all set in the same universe. Each of the individual series would highlight amazing heroes that everyone would fall in love with. Then, after the world has grown attached to them, I would completely change all of them. They would start to push ridiculous agendas that no one really likes and become pale shadows of their former selves because… well, fuck the fans!

Wait… didn’t Marvel already do that?



Story Discard #5

Was considering writing a story set fifty years in the future in America. So, I looked at current philosophies and the political and social climate and how they would affect the future. After all of my research, I sat in the corner to meditate what these modern trends would inevitably lead to if nothing changes.

I won’t go into the horror of what I saw. Let’s just say, “I won’t be writing that story.”

Now, if you’ll excuse me…

I need a cigarette.


Story Discard #6

Considered writing a romance story where the man and woman were both Traditionalists. They would both believe in traditional gender roles and would both be on board with starting a family with traditional values. But, then I realized that stories are based around conflict as conflict is what drives the characters forward. So, I spent a lot of time pondering what kind of problems two Traditionalists would have.

I couldn’t think of any.