Chapter 23 – Aubree Burnett


Ugh, this place was so boring! It was only like, the fourth day, and Aubree was ready to set fire to the whole thing. There was nothing to do.


Wake up. Eat breakfast. Go back to her room and read some of her beauty magazines. Eat lunch. Go back to her room and read some more of her magazines. Eat dinner. Go back to her room and… yup, read more of her magazines!


The only thing else she had to do was look at pictures on her phone or play some touch-games on her tablet. She even thought about writing a diary or something, but that would be boring, too. Maybe she could use the camera on her phone and record a video blog. Then, when she got out of this dumb place, she could put it on the internet and get famous.


But, that would mean she’d have to admit that she would be at the Midhaven Motel for a while.


Nope. She had to get out. She couldn’t stand the idea of being in this dirty motel with these stupid people forever. Seriously, of all the people she could have gotten stuck with, why did it have to be them?


There was the old couple who were all lovey-dovey all the time—yuck. There was the army guy who seemed to spend the last few days drinking—lame. There was Michael who was… well, he was actually kind of handsome in a rugged way. But, he looked like the goodie-goodie type.


Then, there was Rachel. The bitch. The woman who walked around with a permanent scowl on her face. She probably hadn’t been laid in years. How could any man stand her? That tight ponytail and that bossy voice.


Aubree plopped on her bed and grabbed her phone. 7:00 pm. Nothing to do until she fell asleep. Usually, if she was alone at home—not very often—she’d watch videos online or check all of her various social media accounts. Now, without the internet, all she could do was more of what she’d been doing the past couple of days.


She swiped the dots across the screen and opened her gallery. She scrolled through the photos. Friends. Parties. Vacations. She had such a good life. And, it was going to get even better. That modeling gig in Denver was going to be the start of her road to Hollywood—and her road to fame. First, modeling. Then, acting. Then, red carpets and gold awards.


She knew she could do it, too. She didn’t have any qualms with doing whatever it took to get ahead. Everyone knew that it was more about who you knew—and how well you knew them—than about sheer talent. Most photographers and directors were men. And, Aubree was good at flirting with men. Most guys would do anything she asked. And, if it took a little more… so be it. She wasn’t afraid of the whole “casting couch” thing. Sure, she’d try to work around it if she could, but some gigs were going to require a little more… effort.


Whatever it took.


But first, she had to get out of this hellhole. The commercial was supposed to start shooting tomorrow. If she wasn’t there and didn’t call, her reputation would be blown. The director would probably blacklist her to all of his friends, making the ladder that much harder to climb. But, it didn’t look like she was going to get out of this dump today. She needed a backup plan.


Aubree turned off her phone and set it on the dresser next to the bed. She picked up the card she had set there.


“Seth Pursley – Business Man.”


“I have some friends in Denver in the business. Let me know if you’re wanting some work.”


Aubree stood up and walked to the door leading to the adjacent room. He’d do.


It was only a few seconds after she had knocked that Seth opened the door. His collar was unbuttoned, a tie loosely hanging from it. His usually slicked-back hair was slightly disheveled, adding to the just-home-from-the-office look. He was decently handsome—six, seven out of ten—but Aubree made sure to overplay the appreciation in her eyes. She had to make him feel attractive.


“Mind if I come in?” She watched Seth’s dark eyes go down her body and back up. He obviously liked what he saw. What man wouldn’t? She had curves in all the right places.


“Sure.” He stepped aside and let her through. Aubree could feel his gaze as she walked past. She swayed her hips dramatically on her way to the dresser and leaned against it. Seth smirked and sat at the table, a glass of whiskey waiting for him on it.


“What can I do for you,” he asked, taking a sip. He was playing it cool. They always tried to play it cool.


“Oh, I was just bored. What were you up to?”


Seth glanced up at Aubree nonchalantly and leaned back in his chair, draping an arm over it. He looked as relaxed as a man could be. Maybe he wasn’t playing. Maybe he was as calm as he appeared.


“I was just talking to Anthony next door.”


“You mean the guy that freaked out and kept driving through the fog?”


Seth chuckled. “Yes. Him.”


“Why would you talk to him? I’ve seen him whispering to himself a couple of times.” Aubree circled a finger next to her temple.


Another smirk. “He’s not a bad guy. He just has some issues. I told him I knew some people that could help.”


“You seem to know quite a few people.”


He didn’t look up. He brought the glass to his lips and said, “I do.”


It was good. Aubree would have to turn it up a little. She walked over to the bed, sat down, and leaned back on her arms. Every curve was on display.


“Actually,” she said, “that’s why I wanted to talk to you. I was hoping that when we get back, you could set me up with those friends you told me about.”


Seth didn’t flinch. He kept his eyes on the glass and took another sip. “I will if I see them. They’re very busy people, and I don’t like to bother them needlessly.”


It was really good. Most other guys would have been begging her to allow them to help. They’d drool over her body and do whatever she asked. But, Seth? He wasn’t affected at all. There was only one thing left.


“Well maybe I can convince you to bother them.” Aubree stood and grabbed the bottom of her shirt. She pulled it off and dropped it on the floor.


Whatever it took.