Ok, so I would absolutely love to have a podcast one day. I’ve always wanted to do one, but there’s some things preventing me from doing it. I know: I’m a master of making things more complicated than they have to be. Anyway, here’s the problems:

1. I’m only one person right now, so the talk show format doesn’t really work. Even the idea of me just talking about what’s going on around the site and the web by myself sounds boring as all hell.

2. I’ve already said elsewhere that I don’t want to give writing advice. I’m here for creative purposes, so the podcast needs to be creative. I’m happy if other writers enjoy my work, but I’m not going to do a coaching podcast. There’s already a plethora of those anyway. I also don’t want to be a critic of other writing, so that’s out, too. These two are the ones most writers do, and I don’t want to do either. As you can see, I can be difficult.

3. This one’s the most important, and the most paradoxical. The podcast needs to be creative, but I don’t have that much time to write out a solidified story for it. Yup: big problem.


So, basically I’m looking for a creative idea that can be done without too much work. I.E. something fun and entertaining with little preparation.


Yeah, gonna need some out-of-the-box thinking for this one.


I have two ideas so far that kind of illustrate what I mean. They have their own problems, so let’s see:


Drunk Immersion


The idea for this is I play a character that gets drunk every week and reviews famous ongoing fiction series (Star Wars, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, etc.). The trick with this is: this character honestly believes these stories are real. They are actually happening or have happened. He doesn’t review the writing, acting, blah blah blah, but instead talks only about what happens in these universes and the characters in them. It would definitely be comedic, and probably very offensive.


The good thing about this is I can ad-lib most of this and still create something entertaining.


The problem is how much time I would have to spend actually watching, reading, and listening to these stories coupled with the bigger problem of deciding which stories the audience would want me to bitch about.


Still, it does sound like fun.


Improv Plots


The intro for this one would be: My stories are carefully crafted and take a significant amount of time to make them any good. But, for the hell of it, let’s make one up on the spot. It’ll probably suck, but whatever.


For this, I would either make a large list of characters, settings, and scenarios (including objectives and obstacles) and draw them out of a hat at random to make a story; or (and this would be much more preferable) have members of the community provide these things through Twitter, Facebook, etc. and I choose at random to make some loose plotline from everyone’s different ideas.


The good thing about this is in the title: I can do this pretty much on the spot without much more preparation than gathering the ideas.


A problem is the fact that I would need a decent-sized, contributing community before I could even do this. Another problem is because I’m doing it in real time, these plotlines could really, really suck.


Of course, the idea of taking one fan’s suggestion of a slutty ninja and coupling it with another’s suggestion of an incoming meteor that will destroy the planet does sound… interesting.


Now, these are just two ideas, but you hopefully get the point of having something creative and fun without all of the work needed for putting together a traditional story/audio drama.


I’m open to hear what you all think. Should I do one of these? Is there something else you’d like to listen to? Let me know in the comments.