*This story was inspired by the song, “With Extreme Prejudice” by Eternal Reich.





We all sway a little as the IMV hits a crack in the road. The men around me have their heads down, probably gearing themselves up for the mission. Red light reflects off of the visors of their helmets.


Not a word is uttered. None need be. There’s nothing but determination in the back of this battle bus. Every one of us know what needs to be done.


Our target has a hideout that’s amassed enough firepower to be a real problem if left alone. The fanatics are trying to recruit, using their rhetoric of tolerance and equality.


Well, we saw how that worked out before: social unrest, decadence, and an eventual all-out war in the streets. Too many of our people were lost to regain what we had lost, and we finally have cohesion. Now, these bastards want to spit out their visions of the future “utopia,” and I’ll be damned if I let them tear apart our society again.


The IMV slows to a stop.


We’ve arrived. We don’t speak. We simply look at each other and nod. Each of us readies his weapons and waits for the doors to swing open.


We’ll do what needs to be done and deliver the law… with extreme prejudice.









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