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Writer’s Journal – Motley – 11/02/16

Hello, everyone. Motley here. Welcome to my first Writer’s Journal.


My goal with this journal is to explain things that are going on with the site, the projects, and any other news related to The Motley Drama.


I also hope that readers of the site might get a better look at my personality through this journal. I’m not really sure why they would want to, but I guess some people like that sort of thing.


For my first one, seeing as there’s not much news for The Motley Drama other than the fact that it’s finally getting under way, I figured I’d go into a little more detail about what I want this site to be.

The Idea


I’ve been planning this site in my head for a couple of years now. The idea came to me when I realized I wanted to be a writer with a website, but I didn’t want it to be like all of the other ones that just showcase a little writing and mostly focus on writing advice. Those have their place, but there’s already too many, and I don’t really care to give writing advice. I’m writing fiction, not how-tos.


Around the same time, I discovered The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones and went into a binge for the next few weeks. So, I thought to myself, ‘Self, wouldn’t it be cool if your writing was in a seasonal format so that people could go into binge reading sessions before the next season comes out?’ I also discovered We’re Alive on iTunes and have been loving audio dramas ever since.


Enter Rooster Teeth. If you don’t know who they are, go to and check them out. They focus on comedy and gaming. Most of their content is video and podcasts, and they run weekly shows in seasons the same way a TV channel does. You can go to their site and be entertained all day for free. I love that!


They are a big inspiration to me, and I’ve always wanted to build something akin to what they do. But, I wanted less of a focus on comedy, gaming, and the video format (though I will get into these someday). I wanted something that offered other forms of storytelling like serials, audio dramas, comics, etc. in a variety of genres. Maybe the problem is I have too many interests.



Like I said, I had that idea for a couple of years, but I’m just now putting the site online. Why? Because I’m a procrastinator and a perfectionist. Those two traits means lots of ideas, no production. With everything I start, it takes forever to finish because I’m either not working on it because I’m lazy, not working on it because I’ve given up on the idea of it being any good, or I am working by making millions of little tweaks that don’t really add much.


That last one really does suck. I’ll spend hours and hours “working” and not really get anything important done.


I also had this habit of making excuses for why I shouldn’t launch the site just yet. I’m not a good enough writer yet. The stories aren’t good enough. I need everything finished before I start. And, plenty of other BS that basically kept me from getting this out on whatever deadline I was hoping for. Seriously, it’s been delayed three times because of how I wanted the seasons to start because I wasn’t ready on start dates. I wanted two different seasons per year: September – January and March – July.


This whole project was supposed to have started last September! Didn’t make it, so push for the next March. Didn’t make it, so push for next September. Did not make it, so… wait! I might as well just start whenever because it’ll never be perfect. So, October 18, 2016 is as good a date as any, so that’s when I launched.


I’m going to try to stay on schedule and accept the fact that some things won’t be perfect and sometimes it’s more important to have something flawed than nothing at all. Hopefully, I won’t be too late most of the time. Of course, this journal entry is a day late, so… off to a good start, huh?

This Season’s Plans


This season I’m planning on having at least two main stories running: the Stuck Passing Through serial, and the Campfire in Old Wellwich audio series. Hopefully, STP will release a new episode every Monday, and CIOW every Friday. True to form, CIOW will not be starting this week, but I’ll hopefully have two weeks done next Friday.


I’ll be releasing these journals on Tuesdays (yes, I know it’s Wednesday. I already said I’m running a day late. Back off.). In addition to the two main stories running, I’m going to have a short, confession-style character story every Thursday, and something called Twitter Openings on Saturdays.


Yeah, it’s a lot of work, which is why even though I wanted to run a comic this season too, I don’t think I’ll be able to get it. I’ll try for that open Wednesday slot, but I’ll have to see how everything plays out first. It’ll probably have to wait until the spring season.


Anyway, I’ve gone on long enough. This was a long entry, but it’s my first, so I’m sure I’ll get them shorter in the future.




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